Zolex - Hand Cleaner Radio Commercial

Test radio ad for Zolex's heavy-duty hand cleaner.
There are many hand cleaners on the market, but there's nothing's quite like Zolex! Safe for commercial and home use, Zolex Hand Cleaner removes virtually anything you get on your hands...from heavy duty grease, oil, dirt, paint, and permanent inks, even the smell of fish, and other odors! Zolex, is water activated, and petroleum free, so it won't dry out skin, or crack your nails...it even cleans your pipes as you wash it away! Order individually, or by the case, or request a sample today at Zolex-HandCleaner.com! Buy Zolex heavy duty hand cleaner today! Zolex is a 100% American made, heavy duty, non toxic, non hazardous and petroleum free hand cleaner. Environmentally friendly and suitable for both industrial and home use. https://www.zolex-handcleaner.com