The Best Hand Cleaner Available for Mechanics

Here are just some of the reasons we feel that this is the best hand cleaner on the market today:

  • Concentrated. So a little bit goes a long way saving you money in the long run.
  • Heavy-Duty. Special formula of detergents and exfoliating particles tackle the tough jobs without ripping apart your skin.
  • Eco-Friendly. Our water-based formula contains no petroleum or harsh chemicals making it more environmentally friendly than the alternatives.
  • Plumbing Friendly. No pumice or heavy binding materials to clog pipes. Our water-based formula actually cleans your pipes as it floats down the drain.
  • Family Friendly. The absence of harsh or dangerous chemicals and noxious odors makes our heavy-duty perfect for in home use.
  • Skin Friendly. Our micro scrubbers are tough on grease, grime, ink and paint but easy on your skin so you can use it every day without worry.
  • Fresh Smell. Removes odors from your skin while leaving behind a hint of fresh scent.

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