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Zolex – Hand Cleaner is based on Long Island, NY. We manufacture and sell a high quality, highly effective hand cleaner that separates itself from other products on the market by being water activated, more environmentally friendly, and suitable for commercial, industrial or home use while still cleaning unlike any other product you've tried. And we know you've tried them all because we did too before we developed our own solution. And now that we have perfected our formula, we want to share the most effective hand cleaner available without causing industrial dermatitis or skin irritation which results from solvent-based products that, quite frankly, don’t clean nearly as well as our hand cleaner.

Because Zolex – Hand Cleaner doesn't contain harsh chemicals that dry out skin, we don't need to add lanolin or other oils to our product. It also doesn't irritate open cuts and scrapes and kills odors while leaving your hands smelling fresh, not over-powering.


Zolex – Hand Cleaner is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and petroleum-free. Its deep cleaning foaming action removes virtually any substance from hardworking hands. Water activated, its foaming scrub vigorously removes dirt and grime. Hands are quickly rinsed clean, leaving behind no greasy residue or odors. The proprietary combination of warm water, detergents, and exfoliating particles is what makes our hand cleaner the best hand cleaner on the market.

Many of our competitors' products are solvent-based, while Zolex – Hand Cleaner is detergent-based and water-activated. Solvents dissolve dirt from the hands, but our detergents actually break down the properties of a stain and suspend it to keep it from sticking to hands, sinks, and plumbing. This also prevents any clogged drains that you often see with hand soaps containing pumice. Solvents are extremely drying, and to counteract this solvent-based hand cleaners require the addition of oils and lanolin.

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