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Zolex Industries manufactures and sells the best hand cleaners available. These hand cleaners have been specially formulated to remove the most stubborn grease and grime imaginable. 

Available in many formulations, each product has its place in the shop and/or home.

We offer special pricing with plenty of room to make money for those wishing to help us market and sell our products.

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Zolex Water-Activated Hand Cleaner is a non-toxic, non-hazardous and petroleum-free hand cleaner that works better than anything else on the market. Even though it's tough enough for industrial use, it's safe enough to leave by the all the sinks in your house.  Zolex Water-Activated Hand Cleaner's deep cleaning action removes dirt, grease, grime, paint, ink, tar, adhesives, varnish and virtually everything else from hard working hands.

Available in Fresh ScentCherry Scent and specialized Marine formula.

Packaged in following sizes: 4 oz, 3/4 lb, 1.5 lb, 3 lb, 12 lb & 25 lb

Zolex Hand Scrubs are industrial strength hand cleaners specially formulated and bottled to be used with a wall mounted dispenser. 

Zolex - Cherry Hand Scrub is a pumice based soap designed to remove grease, grime, paint, and so much more. Enriched with multiple emollients and skin conditioners.

Zolex - Walnut Hand Scrub heavy duty, solvent free, walnut-shell based cleaner does it all. It cleans the toughest soils, greases, inks, paints, and almost anything else. Fortified with a latest generation emollient system that leaves your hands feeling great. This dispensable soap that does it all.

Packaged in 2.5 L containers with matching dispensers available.

Zolex Industrial Cleaners are premium hand cleaners bottled to be pumped out of their container and are designed to work with or without water,

Rain Forest Cleaner with Scrubbing Power is an excellent cleaner that is gentle on hands and skin. Added mild abrasives make short work of ground in dirt to leave hands clean. The smooth surface of the added abrasives won’t cause dermatitis by scratching or cutting through layers of skin. A specially selected blend of ingredients work to moisturize the skin and provide a “velvety” feeling.

Citrus Hand Cleaner with Scrubbing Power uses all natural orange peel extracts to lift and remove the most stubborn dirt and grease. This premium formula contains special detergents and mild grit to remove the stubborn grime that ordinary soaps won’t touch – even when there is no water available. Fortified with an emollient to keep hands soft and comfortable.

Citrus Hand Cleaner is a waterless hand cleaner without grit, capable of removing heavy grease and grime from hard-working hands. All without harming the skin.

Packaged in one gallon container with available pump top.

Zolex Super Power Wipes  are a convenient hand cleaner/multipurpose wipe combination eliminates the need for water or towels. With a clean citrus fragrance , super power wipes removes grease, tar, ink, paint and many other hard to remove soils. It conditions hands with glycerin, aloe vera, jojoba, wheat germ extract and vitamins C & E. It is a solvent free environmentally safe formula. In addition to hands, cleans up spills, drips and splatters from many non-porous surfaces like tools, equipment and more. The heavy-duty wipe suspends and absorbs soils from your hands and other surfaces for easy removal. Complies with VOC consumer products rules

Zolex  Super Tough Wipes are formulated with the same powerful cleaning agents as our Super Power Wipes with the added cleaning power of scrubbers.  One side of the towel has a rough texture for deep cleaning while the other side is smooth for general purpose cleaning. 

Can be reactivated with water if they are left open.

Packaged in 90 Count tubs with 10” X 12” self-dispensing , pre moistened towels.

Zolex Safer Cleaner/Degreaser multipurpose cleaner is the safest industrial degreaser available today. It rates a zero in the three NFPA categories of health, flammability and reactivity, yet it's strong enough to dissolve dirt, grease, oil, food deposits and stains. Deodorizes as it cleans with a fresh, pleasant fragrance.

Packaged in one gallon containers.

Zolex Green Foaming Soap is a gentle, effective institutional cleanser with a pleasant, subtle scent of apple. Ideal for use as a general hand soap or as a body soap for bath and shower use. Its rich formula is pH balanced to provide effective cleaning, yet gentle enough to keep your skin feeling silky all day. Can be used to refill existing  foamy soap dispensers.

Packaged in one gallon containers.

Please contact us directly to talk about the details: 888-565-2575 and ask for Jeff