FAQ’s About Industrial Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

Many of you might think that liquid hand soaps that we use in household and commercial areas are enough to clean hands thoroughly at industrial locations like factories, labs, workshops and garages. But, the answer for this is a big no! Professionals working at the mentioned places require a heavy duty hand cleaner which can remove grime and dirt quickly and easily without hurting your hands. Now, here are some frequently asked questions about Industrial Hand Cleaners.

What Industrial Hand Cleaners Can Clean?

We have a variety of industrial hand cleaners to clean a particular family of substances. Many companies offer industrial soap for at least for the substances that are mentioned below:

  • Oil, Grease
  • Paint, Ink
  • Glues, other adhesives
  • Resins, Tar
  • Soil, Carbon

The specified products are more effective than the common products for all. That’s why, liquid soaps can’t be used as industrial hand cleaner.

Why you should use Industrial Soap?

 Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners generally have the following components:

Scrubbing Particles: Subbing particles like crushed walnut shells and pumice that scrubs the skin and helps to remove the dirt. Zolex Hand Cleaner has a variety of hand scrub that are harmless for your skin and removes the dirt very quickly.

Degreaser: A degreaser is helpful in removing the stickiness and gluiness from your hands caused by the dirt, grim and grease. You might feel some harshness on your skin because of the degreaser used in industrial soaps. But, many hand cleaners like, zolex hand cleaner use citrus fruit extract to make it soft on your skin.

Moisturizer: Industrial hand cleaners use lotion, conditioner or extracts to sooth and moisturize your skin. Scrubbing agents and degreaser may eliminate the natural oil of the skin, so the conditioners like aloevera or vitamin E make your skin smooth and soothing.

Aroma Agent: A fragrance is often included for a better aroma and flavour.

How To Apply?


Industrial hand cleaners come in different forms, like powder, flake, bar or crème styled. You simply need to take a good amount of the hand cleaner and to rub your hands together. Rinse your hands with water or wet wipes, if no tap is available. You can dry your hands with hand dryer or paper towel.

Zolex hand cleaner’s hand soaps are the best industrial hand cleaner that removes dirt, grease and oil from your hands without harming your skin. We are trusted by our customers since so many years. We provide a wide range of varieties of the hand soaps for heavy duty and industrial purpose.

Request a free sample and try it at your home to see for yourself how well Zolex Hand Cleaner works on the toughest grease and grime. You have nothing to lose, but cleaner, smoother and healthier skin to gain when you give a try to this non-toxic, non-hazardous product.

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