Hand Cleaner For Mechanics That Won’t Damage Your Skin

After working with paint, oil, grease and other types of tough grime, you need a tough hand cleaner to wash it thoroughly. Regular cleaners don’t work on oily substances, and washing your hands too often can make them rough and harsh. Due to the substance mechanics work with, they develop dry and cracked skin. Sometimes, the amount of washing hands and the harsh chemical can also dry out and damage your skin.

There are many industrial hand cleaners and wipes that are available in the market. But, nobody knows which one is best suited hand cleaner for industrial use. Many people use hand wash that contains pumice as a scrubbing agent. But with cleaning and scrubbing away the tough grime from your skin, it may also damage skin by creating tiny micro-abrasions and this will leave tour hand rough and dry. It is also harmful for our environment as it clogs the drains and septic systems.

The second famous option among mechanics is petroleum distillates and solvents. This is derived from the crude oil and works great on grease and grime, but can dehydrate your skin that can cause dermatitis. That’s why companies are limiting this product in their hand leaners. The hand cleaners that contain petroleum distillates are banned in California.

So where is the solution?

Don’t worry! The solution is right here, in front of you. You must choose a petroleum-free cleaner with biodegradable scrubbing agents like walnut shell or corn. Zolex Hand Cleaner for Mechanics is walnut shell-based and contains no pumice or petroleum solvents. There is no pumice or heavy binding materials in Zolex hand cleaner, so it doesn’t clog the pipes and drains. It actually helps in keeping your pipes clean as it flows down the drain. It contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E that are soft on your skin. It keeps your skin moisturized and soft.

Not only hand cleaners, but Zolex hand cleaners have hand wipes also. It is also a good option to clean hands and tools at work sites that need no access to water. Try Zolex Hand Wipes for heavy duty works. Also, it is environmental-friendly with the extracts of Aloe Vera, citrus fruits and Vitamin E.

This is the best option, if you are looking for a powerful hand cleaner that is safe for your skin and effective on dirt and grime. This is an extremely versatile product that will not only clean your hand thoroughly, but will keep your skin moisturized and saves you money over time. Request a free sample today to see the amazing cleaning results for yourself.